Work in Latakko

Work in Latakko

Combining knowledge, passion and love towards the automobile, we have converted business including sales of tyres, wheels, batteries and oils and automotive services and tuning services into life style.

What you will like in work in “Latakko”

Professional team

Our team consists of active, purposeful and positively thinking experts and professionals in particular field, who clearly know their own goals, goals of their team, and joint goals of the company.

Multicultural environment

Employees of different cultures and nations enrich work environment. Our team includes Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Russians, Italians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Opportunities for growth

Annually, we carry out negotiations with employees, and plan of training s and workshops has been developed jointly, so that everyone could improve his or her knowledge and do in-house training, in accordance with the profession.

Exchange of experience

Where and how to acquire information best? Directly from the manufacturer! Therefore, we annually organise experience exchange visits to Italy, Spain, France and the Netherlands, where our professionals can obtain important knowledge and give it further to colleagues, customers and cooperation partners.


Fast-developing company is dynamic. It brings wide opportunities for growth, involvement into different projects and opportunity to show initiative and proactivity to improve, perfect or change something.


“Latakko” knows how to thank employees for their loyalty and outstanding achievements at work, giving awards for five, 10 or 15 years of service for the company, and awarding special President’s Prize for particular results. You have an opportunity to get all these awards!


We are proud of different traditions, which, in a long time, have become fete for both employees and customers.


“Latakko” birthday – every year on 4 October all our team marks the company’s birthday in the festive celebrations.

Baltic sport games – 2-day summer sport games, joining our employees and their families, customers and partners, to budge and struggle for travelling trophy of the games.



New Year’s Ball – another wonderful event, where we can meet our international colleagues in informal atmosphere. Awards for achievements and loyalty to the company are also presented at the Ball.



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